Barbara Odil - Sculpture / Mixed Media

Retrospective 2008 - 2012

Height: 19" x Width: 6" x Depth: 1.5"
Bone, horseshoe crab, seed pods, vintage Chinese head
Peaceful Woman
Height: 19", Width: 6", Depth: 2"
Bone, locust pod, antique tatting, wisteria seed pods, dried leaves antique Chinese doll head
Height: 11", Width: 6", Depth: 1.5"
Dirt dobber nest, foamcore, paper, sea urchin spine, sterling and copper, nut, turquoise, seed pods, rock
Earth Spirit
Height: 7" x Width: 4" x Depth: 1.25"
(Framed 10.5" x 8.5" x 2.5")
Bone, seed, mushroom, beads, fiber
Durga (Invincible Goddess)
Height: 24", Width: 14", Depth: 6"
Heart pine, driftwood, rosemary root, coral, feathers, lichen
Height: 23", Width: 11", Depth: 10"
Driftwood, shells and ocean debris, walnut head
Height: 42", Width 21", Depth 2.5"
Wood, clay, dried leaves, fossilized buffalo tooth
Height: 39", Width: 25", Depth: 8"
Beaver sticks, driftwood, amonite, cat brier, alpaca wool
Earth and Air
Height: 5", Width: 5", Depth: 2"
Wood, Usnea lichen, mushroom, flower receptacle, cocoon
Height: 5", Width: 4", Depth: 2"
Fossil, bone, seedpod, fabric, mushroom, magnolia seed
Height: 4.5", Width: 3.5", Depth: 4"
Bone, coral, cowrie shell, handmade paper, sponge coral
Bird Woman
Height: 4", Width: 3", Depth: 4"
Magnolia pod, barnacle, mushroom, seed pod, fossil
Height: 21", Width: 28", Depth: 23"
Cholla cactus root, bone, feathers, beads, leather, driftwood
Honor Bound
Height: 22", Width: 8", Depth: 2"
Wood, bone, metal, antique head, beads, porcupine quills, cat brier stems, pine cones, seed pod
She Who Remembers
Height: 22", Width: 7", Depth: 2"
Antique head, dried natural materials, silk, paper, wood
Height: 34", Width 14", Depth 4"
Wood, shells, coral, fiber
Height: 24", Width: 14", Depth: 25"
Silk, cast iron, antique ceramic head, vintage metallic trims
Height: 8.3", Width: 6.3", Depth: 2.8"
Magnolia pod and seed, feathers, maple seeds, devils claw seed pod
The White Queen
Height: 4", Width: 3", Depth: 1.5"
Bone, oyster shell, pearls, silk, ceramic head
Height: 19", Width: 29", Depth: 14"
Wooden root, bark and palm flower
© Copyright 2013 by Barbara Odil. All rights reserved.
Photography by Walker Montgomery